How much do ultralights cost?

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1 Answer

An average single-place, ready-to-fly ultralight will cost $10-15K. A "Cadillac" ultralight can cost closer to $20K new, while a "no frills" model may only cost $8K new. Many come in kit form, requiring a few hundred man-hours' assembly, for a few thousand dollars less than the fully assembled model. There are plenty of used ultralights for sale, some at a significant savings off the new price, but use extreme caution buying a used aircraft from an individual seller. If you simply can't afford a safe, dependable aircraft, save your money until you can. BEWARE: With automobiles, a cheap old "junker" will eventually cost you a stranding, but with aircraft, a cheap old "junker" may cost you your life. Buy the best equipment you can afford, and if you decide to buy used, be sure to have someone you trust check out the aircraft before making a deal. We highly recommend the use of emergency parachute systems, so try to budget a ~$2K parachute system into your aircraft purchase. Also, ... more
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