How much does a Culligan water softener cost?

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The Culligan Company is a direct sales outfit. This means that the only way you can buy a Culligan system is to suffer through an "in the home" sales pitch from "the Culligan Man". I did several searches and could come up with no pricing for their systems. The routine maintainance parts and pieces (ie: filters etc.) are priced and can even be found in some retail stores, but the price of a basic system is elusive. Culligan is something like a franchise. A person can become a Culligan dealer in a particular geographical area. It requires a rather large investment. Prices for water softening systems will vary greatly depending on where you are located. Even then, since it is a direct sales type of company, you and your neighbor may buy the same identical system, and you will pay different prices. In many ways, the selling price is "whatever the traffic will bear". I do not own a Culligan system, and I couldn't find any online system pricing information; so I can't give you a definitive ... more
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