How much does a half a beef cost?

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A7 Ranche beef costs $3.95/lb for “dressed weight” – that’s the price of the hanging beef carcass. It’s approximately $6.00/lb of meat in the freezer, across the whole range of cuts. Doing it this way (instead of pricing per lb of wrapped beef) has a big advantage to you: it allows you to have your meat custom cut with just the right amount of fat, bone, hamburger patties or straight ground beef that you want. This affects the weight of the meat produced from that cow. We use the old-fashioned method of ‘dry aging’ – that’s hanging for 21 days in the cooler instead of 24 hours as with supermarket beef. It produces about 8% shrink (water loss), which intensifies the flavour. All good things take time – there are no shortcuts to premium quality. A typical half would be approximately 275-325 lbs dressed weight, giving 180-220 lbs of of meat in the freezer. So it would cost about $1,080 – $1,280 – about $6.00/lb of meat in the freezer, across the whole range of cuts from premium steaks ... more
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