How much does a pipeline welding inspector earn?

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1 Answer

Weld inspecting has three levels. Level one is a 2 week course from the Canadian Welding Bureau(CWB) and costs around $2500. To become a level 2 you must work under a level 2 or 3 for 1 year. To upgrade from a level 2 to level 3 you must work under a level 3 for 1 more year. Level one inspectors do not make a lot, if you are a welder and have it you will get more but $25-$40 per hour depending is probably a safe number. A level 2 can make $25-$50 depending on who they work for and what qualifications they hold. A level 3 weld inspector pretty much can work anywhere they want and usually gets paid $75-$125 per hour especially on petrochemical sites and pipelines. Those numbers are for alberta weld inspectors, that arequalifiedd in dye-penetrant testing, radiography, magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing methods. Salaries can vary from place to place but if you are a level 2 or 3 getting work is not hard. I am currently a welder but I think i will switch to weld inspection in a few ... more
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