How Much Does a Surgical Tech Make an Hour?

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1 Answer

A surgical technologist is part of an operating room team. He will be expected to prepare the operating room and the patients for surgery. He will also make sure that equipment is in perfect working order. Also, he will deliver patients for surgery and perform a number of other tasks. A surgical technologist's job is an important one, and his earnings can be impressive. Hourly Wages Depending on the location of the job, experience and the type of office the surgical technologist works in, the hourly salary for a surgical technologist can be between $12.75 and $25.50 an hour. Annual earnings are from $25,500 to $51,000. Hours of Work A 40-hour work week is common for a surgical technologist, and he may be scheduled to work at night, weekends, holidays and at times on an on-call basis. Places of Employment Surgical technologists work in doctor's offices, dentist's offices, outpatient care centers and hospitals. Future Employment Surgical technologists will grow in demand by 24 percent ... more
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