How much does EarthLink High Speed Internet cost and is it available in my area?

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1 Answer

Please see our pricing and availability pages. Q: Is there a business solution for EarthLink High Speed Internet? A: Not at this time. ^ Back To Top Configuration Q: What kind of computer do I need to get EarthLink High Speed Internet? A: Check out our system requirements page. Q: Am I allowed to network my EarthLink High Speed Internet service? A: Yes, but EarthLink will not provide technical support for networked computers. EarthLink will only provide technical support for the EarthLink High Speed Internet line and the primary PC on which it was installed. Q: Can I use my existing cable modem equipment? A: Yes, if it is DOCSIS- certified and accepted by your cable company. Q: What type of browser is used for EarthLink High Speed Internet? Can I use my own? A: EarthLink provides a browser and email client in the EarthLink High Speed Internet software. EarthLink High Speed Internet will work with most browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator or ...
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