How much does it cost to advertise through direct mail?

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1 Answer

Postage for basic bulk mail will cost you around 30 cents. You will need to sort the mail by zip code, and you will need to borrow someones bulk permit# You can get your postage down to 19-20 cents if you have a bulk mailing service address your pieces for you. They sequence the list into "line of travel" so there is a bigger discount. They usually charge for this service..4 to 7 cents) but you still come out ahead...especially when you are doing several thousand pieces. The printing of your actual items...you'll want to get price quotes from several printers. Your local printers should be able to do the addressing as well, but you can have any service in the US do it for you. To make your direct mail effective you will want to take special care to make it as professional looking as possible. The entire assumed value of your piece is going to be made in a couple of seconds and it will be based primarily on how the thing looks. That is the gateway you must pass if you want them to ... more
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