How much does it cost to build an amusement park?

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Cost for Amusement

There’s nothing more fun then spending the days screaming on a roller coaster or spending your entire paycheck on games, but putting your hard earned money toward building an amusement park is another story. These days the cost for building such a place is in the billions but it does depend on where and the size of the park. First is the land and location, which is everything. Then if you get a great vacation place or large populated area like Florida’s Disney Land, then you need to buy all the rides and/or hire designers to create signature rides like rollercoaster’s because at the end of the day, you need a ride that is special and pulls people from all around the world.

Next, you need the essentials like insurance, building permits, contractors, and people to build the park and a theme if you have one. You will also need employees to work there when the building is done and be able to hire maintenance and a lawyer just in case someone tries to sue you for any reason. Also, you will need food; and I don’t mean going to BJ’s to buy in bulk but having connections with companies, prizes for games and the most important which is advertising.

Unless you’re already a billionaire, you will need to take out loans, which carry fee’s for taking them out. You will have to hire accountants, managers and other personal people to keep the place running smoothly and if possible, build a hotel for the park to draw in more customers. When it comes down to it, the bill is around $2-200 billion USD if your looking for a large successful amusement park in which in time you will earn back, depending on the business and your close attention to customer service that can make or break your business.

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a lot, as in a million or two dollars for each ride, plus buildings, plus supplies as in food and water, even the smallest parks cost millions more

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