How much does it cost to get dew claws removed on puppy? Is it worth doing?

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1 Answer

After 5 days, removal of dew claws is an amputation of a toe. Whether or not there is any benefit to it depends on your dog's risk factors. Are the rear dew claws loose and dangly or are they firmly attached? Is your dog going to be doing serious activity such as agility or back woods hiking as an adult, or is she going to be primarily a family pet that spends most of her walks on a leash on concrete? If her dew claws are really loosely attached and she is going to be regularly engaging in activities where there is a fairly high risk of them getting snagged and torn then it would be far less painful to have them removed while she's out for her spay than to wait for an accident to cause a painful tear that will probably ultimately require amputation anyway. If they're firmly attached or she's not going to be engaging in risky activities then don't worry about it. One of my friends adopted a mutt from the shelter and he came already neutered but still had his rear dew claws. If he had ... more
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