How much does it cost to have embroidery work done?

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1 Answer

There are a few things that we need to know that the costs depend on. • Size of your logo. • Number of items you need to be embroidered. • And if you already have your design Digitized or Punched Normal size logos (6,000 stitches) cost around $2.00 each for quantities over 72 pieces. We do contract embroidery and have a Quote Form for your convenience. We have no minimums and will quote by the job. Digitizing or creating a "Tape" of your logo usually runs around $60 - $100, which depends on the size of the logo with respect to the number of stitches and the complexity of the design. This is a one time charge as once the design is digitized we can use it over and over. To save costs you might have a design already digitized from a previous job that we can use. You will need to consider the cost of the garment or item you will need embroidered and also add a shipping cost. Usually about $2.00 per item but it depends on the item and the order quantity and where it is shipped to. Quality, ...
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