How much does it cost to install a washer/dryer hookup?

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$400-$500 will be the very low end. This assumes it is an electric dryer, you have extra space for a 240v appliance breaker in your main electric service panel, that the panel itself is easy to access, the location where you want the hookup is easy to access and hot and cold water lines are easy to access. You'll also need easy access to a drain. Romex wiring, Copper wtare supply plumbing, and PVC drain piping are easiest and quickest to deal with. The most basic example of this would be installing your washer/dryer hookup in an unfinished basement near a sewer drain pipe. The other extreme (which will be costly) is where your main service panel is on the far end of your garage, you live in a house built before 1965 with plaster walls and outdated wiring, the plumbing is cast iron, and you want to put the washer/dryer hookup on your 2nd level... and your dryer is powered by natural gas. Now you're looking at a couple thousand dollars. Double it if your service panel needs upgrading. ... more
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