How much does it cost to join BNI?

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1 Answer

When visiting a BNI chapter you will receive a Visitor Orientation that covers the details involved with participation in a BNI group. Participation in a BNI chapter is through an application process. Along with business references, there is a Registration Fee and Participation Fees are either annually or bi-annually. Each chapter has a Membership Committee that reviews the applications presented. Applications must be presented along with a business license and any other relevant licensing required to offer goods or services (contractor's license, insurance licenses, BAR Assoc #, cosmetology licenses, etc.) The true investment in considering BNI is not money, but time. Members are expected to attend the weekly meetings, meet and develop referral relationships with fellow members outside of the meeting and this all takes a time commitment. It would be unrealistic to expect to receive referrals if members are not willing to build the network, GIVE referrals, and work the network. more
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