How much does it cost to join Herbalife?

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hi I'm from Mexico and I have worked Omnilife products, and business is also very good, which I do not like about herbalife is only interested in winning lots of money only, and Omnilife also care about your development as a person to learn, travel and earn money while it is fun. my parents they have done business for several years and I am happy and I also decided to enter, take one years to the business and the truth that if I am seeing results, and the U.S. company is very well built, easy to deliver the product by that people already know they're good, I do my business studies only two days a week and try to help some of the internet and still see results, so do not worry about that, an hour or more is devoted enough, besides products are recommended alone. Basically the way business is very similar, but herbalife products are more expensive, but as I say, I prefer Omnilife, registration costs about US30 dollars, we provide a backpack, a bottle of product, a magazine and dvd of ... more
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