How much does it cost to rent an airplane?

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1 Answer

Cost will depend on the type, age and equipment of the airplane you want to rent. A newer, faster or more complex airplane is going to cost more than an older or slower airplane. Each company sets their own rental rates, but most try to keep their rates competitive with the surrounding businesses. The company will charge a per-hour rate, which may or may not include fuel. (If you hear someone say, "the rate is $60/hour wet", this means the cost includes fuel. "Dry" means fuel is not included.) The cost is charged to the tenth of an hour. For instance, if you rent an airplane at $60/hour and fly it for hour, you would only be charged $30. Also, if you go somewhere for a business meeting and need to have the airplane for 6 hours, but only fly it for 1.2 hours, you would be charged $72 (1.2 hours x $60/hr.). Some companies may charge extra or require a minimum amount of flight time per day if you take an airplane overnight or for a very long period of time.
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