How much does it cost to stay in an RV park or campground?

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1 Answer

The cost of an RV site varies by location and available facilities. From least to most expensive, the following site types are available: • Primitive camping: No hookups available in the site. Park usually has central facilities such as bathrooms, showers, and an RV dump station. Typical daily rates: $3-$10 • Water and electric: Contains city water and an electric outlet ranging from 15 to 50 amps. Typical daily rates: $10-$30 • Full hookup: All hookups needed for an RV—water, electric, and sewage. Typical daily rates: $15-$50 When paying daily, many parks offer discounts of 10%-15% to RV club members and seniors (see RV Clubs). When paying weekly, the 10%-15% discount is given to everyone and club discounts no longer apply. For the greatest savings pay monthly. Monthly rates are usually the same as 2 to 3 weekly rates. more
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