How much does JROTC cost?


Costs for the Keller ISD High School JROTC program are remarkably low. Uniforms and training materials are provided by the program, as are the buses that transport cadets to Central High School (as needed) for classes or to competitions or trips. There is a $25 fee for Summer Leadership School (SLS) in the summer. SLS is a voluntary program. Cadets are expected to pay for dry cleaning their uniforms and provide their own meals at competitions or on trips. Cadets will pay to attend the JROTC Ball; costs vary from year to year for this event. As you can see, the costs are very reasonable, especially compared to other activities. Students in Keller ISD bands, for example, pay over $500 just in band fees. JROTC is one of the least expensive programs available to Keller ISD high school students. Many of the cadets’ activities are funded through sponsorships and fundraisers – please support these efforts so the cadets can continue to participate in a wide range of great programs.