How much does MRI examination cost in the philippines?

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found this hopes help obv lookin in another country much more In addition to problems with access to MRI, and concerns over the quality of the MRI that is performed, there are issues with reimbursement for the procedure. In the United States, some insurance companies provide reimbursement for breast MRI imaging, but others do not. The American College of Radiology is working to help standardize reimbursement. One of the problems is cost, as MRI scans can vary from $800 to $2000 compared with $85 to $150 for a mammogram. However, an investment in breast MRI could reduce the eventual cost of treatment, the researchers argue. Earlier detection could lead to one surgery instead of 2 or result in fewer rounds of chemotherapy. Dr. Lehman and colleagues are now conducting cost analyses to determine whether MRI, at the time of initial diagnosis, will provide savings because of more targeted, efficient, and effective treatment. more
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