How much does one Cane Corso eat per day?

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1 Answer

The Cane Corso is a large dog and as a result eat large meals. If you have any questions about being able to afford to feed a large dog then this dog is not he dog for you. What kind or brand of food do you recommend to feed a Cane Corso? I like to feed my dogs foods that contain no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives and that have top quality ingredients. SOME of these types of foods can be found in your neighborhood pet stores. However the food that I like best is Flint River, which can only be ordered online. Flint River - (Click here to go to their site.) They've been in business 14 years. A small family owned business that is getting bigger quickly. All natural dog food, twice baked, no corn, human grade food quality. The food is great. They use tocopherals (vitamins) as preservatives. I especially like the fish and chips combination food. Their food is not exactly cheap but it is worth it. I also like that they drop ship and auto ship. In other words you can set up ... more
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