How much does Percocet 5/325 (Acetaminophen Oxycodone) cost?

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2 Answers

CostThe cost rating is based on the average wholesale price for a drug. The average wholesale price is the suggested selling price for a drug, much like the sticker price on a car. Insurance companies often use this cost as the basis for drug reimbursement. This price does not reflect what you would pay for a drug if covered by your prescription benefit plan. For the ratings system, dollar signs are used to indicate the following price range categories: $ = $200. more
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These are some street prices i have heard about town

Oxy Instant release 30 mg - $15- $20

Norco 10/325 - $7-$10

Oxy 20mg hard tablets - $12-$13

Percocet 5/325 $5

Oxy 80mg - $40

Xanax 2MG  $10

Vicodin 5/325 $5

Oxy 5mg $5

Please keep in mind - It is not legal to buy these on the street and I believe it is felony if you are caught without a prescription. I do not reccommend.

I just had to purchase my Dr. prescription for 60 Norco 10/325 from my local safeway and I have no insurance and those 60 pills cost me $62.00

Hope this helps - Chronic pain sucks!


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