How much does QNX Cost?


QSSL would rather I not publish specific pricing because the price is very dependent on which OS modules are included and the runtime volumes. (I guess I should retract this statement as QSSL is now updating me with new price/packages). Since QNX is being built into set top boxes and televisions, runtime prices must be very inexpensive. Anything you see here may be out of date, so you should check with QSSL directly for current pricing. Here is their “web” statement on the subject. “Like the architecture of the QNX OS itself, our unique pricing structure gives you enormous flexibility and control over your target systems. You can configure the OS as you want – with or without a filesystem, a network manager, utility set, etc. – and you pay only for the modules you need. Contact us for more information on products, services, pricing, or evaluations.” With that disclaimer out of the way, here are some US list prices as of 9/97. Some new prices as of 2/99: QNX4 C/C++ Developer’s Kit CD $2