How much does sand, deco rock, and gravel weigh?

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1 Answer

The weight of sand will depend on the moisture content. Typically it weighs around 1400 pounds. Deco rock and gravel weigh approximately 1200 pounds. 2. How much dirt can I haul in my pick-up or trailer? Most pick-up trucks can handle one scoop or a half-yard on our loader. This will also depend on your tires and suspension system. 3. How much sand, gravel, or decorative rock can I haul in my truck? Again, most trucks can handle one scoop. 4. How much mulch can I haul? Mulch is lighter than our other products and trucks can typically handle two scoops. This will also depend on your tires and suspension. 5. Are you open if it rains? Depending on the weather our parking lot becomes too slick to safely operate our loaders during rainy conditions.. Please call 741-5272 to make sure we open. 6. Do you have dry dirt? YES!!! Our dirt bins are covered. If you are looking for dry dirt after a rainy day-give us a call 741-5272. 7. How much dirt do I need to fill this hole? Click on our ... more
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