How much does shipping cost from USA to China?

Masha Esina Posted

How much does shipping cost from USA to China?



I also have no idea how you can create another service that deals with logistics delivery now. Unless it will deliver a few hours after the purchase, lol. I think we need to improve what we already have because even large companies still have problems that partially reduce the quality of their service.

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

It significantly depends on a certain company. You can use a well-known delivery company and pay a good sum of money. But you can also try to find some side companies that would be no worse than this famous company. I know what I’m talking about, cause I’m using deliveries pretty often. I have chosen Uss Express and I’m fully satisfied with its service. If you are looking for such alternatives, just try it.

Nicole Naidoo

This will depend on the shipping type, and company that you decide to use. It will also depend on the weight of the package and whether or not you are insuring the package. The following are some suggestions of shipping companies that will be able to assist you:

Sino Shipping

Parcel Monkey

USGo- Recommended

Mary D

If you need a standard shipping procedure, I believe you should ask this question to a shipping company. I used this one 

It was a half of the year ago, they helped me a lot to ship a car from Japan to the US. Simply give them a call and they will provide you with all necessary details.

Frank Davis

More details are needed for an answer.

Method of shipping: By sea, by air cargo or by express (DHL, UPS etc.)?

Goods: what and how many products, in kg/ton and CBM.


It’s recommended to ask your shipping agent/broker who will ask you for some details and send you their quotation.