How much does the average funeral cost?

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1 Answer

Recent Board of Funeral Services statistics put the average cost of a funeral in Ontario at around $5,500. However, this amount only covers the cost of the casket and the funeral home service charge. It does not cover additional things such as burial vaults, receptions and catering, flowers, cremation urns, or disbursements such as clergy and musician honoraria, newspaper notices, cremation or interment fees or taxes. Other research and our experience are that average funeral costs in Ontario for a traditional funeral are approximately $7,500, plus the cost of a cemetery plot and monument if these are required. The range of funeral costs can be anywhere from about $2,500 if no service or visitation are held and a simple casket or cremation container are used, to over $15,000 if a very expensive bronze or rare wood casket are chosen. We encourage you to compare prices between funeral homes. We know that you will find that prices at Chapel Ridge are lower than many others in this area, ...
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