How much does Windsurfing cost?

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Not sure if you are thinking about renting or buying, and if you are going to take lessons or not. To me the best way to get into windsurf is to buy your own equipment. If you buy used equipment you can sell it later at almost no cost to you. And once you have the equipment, windsurf is pretty unexpensive. I would start making google searches with "windsurf" and the location you live. The idea is to get in touch with local windsurfers. Meet them where they sail and that will be your start point, typically they will be friendy and eager to give you advise on the right equipment for the area . Windsurf is not hard if you start with the right equipment, the right wind conditions and with some basic instructions. It can be very hard and frustrating otherwise. Lessons help make the process easier, but not really needed if you are on a budget and somebody can give you some basic tips. Regarding the equipment to buy, it all depends on your budget, but you want a floaty board, around 200 lts, ... more
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