How much dose dave and busters cost per person?

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Happy B'day! How much Dave & Buster's will cost you depends on when you go, how much time you want to spend and how money you can afford. All of the games at Dave & Buster's accept their game card instead of coins. Game cards can be loaded with credits at a Re-charge station. Each game has its own fee to play. When you charge your card, you'll get more credits per dollar spent if you buy a lot of credits at one time. The credits that you buy are good "forever". Depending on where you live, they offer different deals. The Dave & Buster's near where I live offers a meal deal where you can order one of eight meals for $15.99 and receive a $10 game card or pay $23.99 and get a $20 game card instead! If you get a soda, hold onto your glass, refills are free! Keep in mind that Dave & Busters has very strict policies regarding people under the age of 18. I believe that their policy requires under 18's to be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 25 and all under 18's must leave ... more
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