How much exercise do Chihuahuas need?

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1 Answer

One of the reasons that the Chihuahua is a popular breed is that they don’t require much more exercise than they will get running around your house or apartment during a typical day. While they enjoy an occasional walk, they are not good jogging companions. Simply allowing them to run around the yard for a few minutes can often provide adequate exercise. Chihuahua’s are known for quick bursts of energy that will come and go throughout the day, and therefore do not require large exercise areas. Chihuahua’s can be trained to fetch small toys and this game is an excellent indoor activity. As puppies, Chi’s are boisterous and energetic; however, as they get older they can easily become couch potatoes. If it looks like your Chi is gaining too much weight, in addition to getting him out for a walk every once in awhile, you may want to consider decreasing the amount you’re feeding him. more
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