How much fuel is used by a military C5 cargo plane when it flies halfway around the world, how many miles per gallon does a heavy armored tank get?

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How many government fuel burners are on the roads daily burning up gasoline, diesel and jet fuel? Don't forget to include the state and local governments in this question. There are tens of millions of people working for the government, US Federal, state and local. It is time that the light is turned on to these legions of energy users, instead of always just looking at the private sector. I am not talking about the commuting these government workers do in getting back and forth to work. That would be the same as the rest of us. I am talking about the fleet of vehicles that are used by the government in the course of the daily "work". These vehicles are stealthy as they never pickup heat when there is a gasoline, energy, air pollution, global warming, going green or any kind of issue that are usually blamed on the private sector and the public at large. Global warming is the biggest invention for creating taxes since the creation of personal income tax. Global warming is not taken ...
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