How much heat does a pellet stove put out???

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We do not have the capability to measure BTU's, however we can put a thermometer on the surface of our stoves. A Wrangler wood / pellet stove burning pellets will produce a surface temperature of 1180 degrees at 3800 feet altitude; of course as with any stove the higher you go the less heat your stove will produce because there is less oxygen. DON'TS: Do Not let the water tank Ever run dry!!!!!!! Do Not set Water Tank on top or hang on side with out Water in it. The caulking will dry out and result in a leaky water tank. Note: This caulking is USDA approved for food contact. • Convenices: Boiling water kills micro organisms. • Warm wash water for hands and dishes. • Water Tank is great for hot water for cocoa, tea or coffee. Patented Air-Cooled Bottom: does not require sand to protect the bottom. Oven Thermometer: do not rely on what it says!!! The inside temperature will be 200 degrees hotter than shown on the thermometer. The door of the Chimney Ovens are doubled to prevent warping. ... more
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