How much is a milk gallon full of pop tabs worth?

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People are going to tell you that your tabs are worth some fantastic amount, but you will notice that who ever tells you this will not make any offer to buy them. They are in fact just plain old scrap aluminum, made out of the same sheet aluminum that the can is made out of. A 1 gallon milk jug only holds 3,450-4,720 tabs... http://cubmaster526.angelfire.com/gallon… 3,450 tabs weigh in at 2 pounds 3.88 ounces. 4,720 tabs weigh in at 3 pounds 1.88 ounces. Aluminum prices vary from location to location, I have seen as low as 55 cents a pound, to as high as $1.00 per pound, so your minimum would be $1.23, your maximum would be $4.72. http://cubmaster526.angelfire.com/ HOWEVER- There are people in the E-Bay community who will pay at a minimum of $3 per 1,000 tabs (clean, undamaged) for arts and crafts projects, and a minimum of $12 per 1,000 for the color more
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