How much is bail out of jail for violation of probation?

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1 Answer

In this situation, you may be charged with a TPV (Technical Probation Violation) for dirty urine. This is not a new criminal charge, but a VOP. This is now a call from your probation department and a lot of this will depend on what their standard policy is for VOP's. In Ohio, where I am, you would get out patient rehab on a first dirty urine drop. A second bad drop would get inpatient rehab and if you walk away or get a third, you would be violated and more then likely have your sentence reinstated. The main point of this is to remember that you have already been through the legal system. This is a post conviction item we are dealing with at this time. If you were charged with paraphenalia (as an example), you wwould be entitled by law for a bond hearing and you would have an amount set for a new charge, but the charge itself would also yield a VOP, so you would still have a detainer hold on you. Even if you paid the bond for the new charge, you would not be allowed to leave until ... more
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