How Much is My Workers Compensation Claim Worth?

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1 Answer

In other words, will I still be able to pay my bills? Benefit amounts will differ depending on the severity of the injury. If an injury leaves the employee totally unable to work, the benefit amount is based on a fixed formula. For an injury which allows one to continue working in a limited capacity, the benefit amount is based on a rating system adapted by the American Medical Association. In this system, physical function is assessed, and a disability percentage is given to determine one's ability to perform job functions. This AMA impairment rating, and the subsequent multiplying factor, would establish your benefit amount. Again, some states differ when figuring out your benefit amount. General consensus among most states is that you are entitled to up to two-thirds of your average weekly income for an injury resulting in total disability. In most states, however, your benefit amount is usually limited by an established average income within your state. For example, if you get ... more
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