How much is parking at Busch Gardens?

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$12 - General parking for cars and motorcycles $14 - General parking for buses, trucks and recreation vehicles $18 - Preferred parking $24 - Valet Parking Valet and Preferred parking are both subject to availability. Tour buses may park for free. Are coolers or picnic baskets allowed inside Busch Gardens? Picnic baskets and coolers are not allowed inside the park. (Exception: Baby food and medicine are permitted, but not in glass containers.) What options are available if I want to bring my pet to the park? On-site kennels are located at the front of the main parking lot across from the first tram stop. The air-conditioned facility is staffed from park open until one-half hour before park close, and the cost is $10.00 per day ($9.00 for Passport members, excluding Fun Card holders). Park guests are required to bring pet food and to walk their pets during the day. You may bring a blanket for the pet's comfort, and a current shot record and rabies tag is required. Where can I rent a ... more
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