How much is the 1973 Pepsi Collector Series of Warner Brothers characters worth?

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1 Answer

1973 WARNER BROS. PEPSI COLLECTOR SERIES ELMER FUDD US $10.00 1973 Pepsi Series Glass Roadrunner Black Letters $15.00 Pepsi Series Cartoon Glass Petunia Pig White Letters $15.00 2 Pepsi Series Cartoon Glass Pepe Le Pew White Letters $19.00 1973 Taz Tasmanian Devil Pepsi Collector Series Glass $6.00 Bugs Bunny Tumbler Pepsi Warner Brother Collector Series $12.50 Wile E. Coyote 1973 Pepsi Character Glass $17.99 Jozel Q. Paclibar Internet Support Specialist AskMeNow Inc. more
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