How much money does a supercross rider make?

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Supercross racers compete for prize and bonus money like other racers, but the bulk of their income comes from the salary and bonuses from their team and other sponsors. A top factory rider in the Supercross class generally has a base salary that clears seven figures, and win bonuses can reach $100,000, with another million for a championship. There are usually bonuses for top-three or top-five finishes. Riding-gear contracts can reach the million-dollar mark as well, with goggle and boot contracts in the six-figure range. And don't forget outside deals like energy drinks, shoes, and cell phones. Add in supercross prize money, and a top rider can easily clear $5 million during a good season. more
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The majority of the riders in supercross race full-time and  I've heard that top riders like James Stewart, Chad Reed can make about 3  mln per year. The riders on teams can make over six figures. But there are those who only make enough  just to survive and often need PersonalMoneyService.  I think the benefits from such job can  be great if you manage to get in the right place.

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