How much money would I get from junk yard if I bring my car there?

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2 Answers

Not all junkyards accept cars, so the first step is to ensure they'll even take it off your hands. You could probably get anywhere from $100 - $600 for the scrap metal, unless it's a classic car, in which case:
  1. You're better off selling it to a classic car refurbisher or
  2. Selling it on ebay for classic car collectors seeking working car parts
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It's hard to say what a junk yard would give for it. It all depends on what they think it's worth to them. But if that Jeep has issues, I would eBay it a/ no reserve as a fixer upper. It should do better there. As far as fixing it, that would also depend on if the parts exceed the value of the Jeep. The $800 is a bit of a stretch. At best, $500 would probably what you'd end up selling it for. Just as well, it looks to be a lost cause unless you really know how to work on them. G'luck! more

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