How much should I tip a pizza-delivery person?

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Waiters receive an hourly wage that is (at the very most) half of minimum wage, often even less than that, as per state wage law. Those who are delivering food make at least minimum wage, if not a little bit more. I think the 15-20% should apply to those receiving the less-than-minimum wage, and the delivery folks should get less of a tip in comparison- $2-$3 as a base, and a bit more if they provided better-than-decent service, but not the same 20% I'd give to my waiter, who is taking the orders, bringing the food, filling and refilling the drinks and (if needed) bringing extra flatware/plates/booster seats/etc- keeping their attention on their customer's needs for 30-45 minutes. The delivery guy needs to be attentive for what? 2 minutes? 

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3 is minimum and the max, well thats up to you

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