How much slip yoke should be engaged into the transmission?

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There should be at least 3/4" of slip yoke showing for most cars. Trucks or off road vechicals will require more if they are lifted and the axle travel a lot up and down. Top • Does an aluminum drive shaft require special U-joints? Yes, it requires U-joint that are coated to prevent the steet cup from errode the aluminum drive shaft yoke causing the drive shaft to worn out and viberate over time. All of our aluminum drive shafts are equipped with these cups. Top • How much weight saves can I except from an aluminum drive shaft? About 8 pounds over a 50" long steel drive shaft. Top • Is it better to purchase a ready made driveshaft instead modifying the old one? In most cases it is better to replace the drive shaft when installing a conversion. The cost of replacing the yoke, two U-joints, shortening the tube and rebalance is same cost of a new one. Beside it is ready to bolt and ready to use, saving you time. Top • How do I know when I have too much drive angle? More than 5-6 degrees ... more
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