How much vitamin B17 (amygdalin) can I take?

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1 Answer

With cancer: It is most important to eat the kernels and everything else comes after. (Not counting prayer and understanding, which come first). The kernels should be chewed well. A few per hour is what should be ingested when you have cancer. The best results have come when the person eats 3-5 per waking hour. Alternatively they can be ground up and mixed with fruit juice or food, to make sure they get into the system. Some people find eating the kernels cures constipation! If this creates a problem the other way - this usually settles down soon. Vitamin B17 tablets (amygdalin, laetrile, nitriloside) are water soluble and non-toxic. They are safer than sugar or salt. (However, you can get stomach cramps when you take too much - you must test and see just what your body needs.) Some people get nauseous if they take too much at one time. (This is also common when taking too much sugar, salt or water at one time.) If this is the case, take less amount of the vitamin tablets more often ... more
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