How must does it cost to install a manual transfer switch?

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1 Answer

This can vary depending on many factors. Typical installations are between $400 - $800 for a surface mounted switch located near the main distribution panel. Most transfer switches come with clear documentation and can be installed by the owner for the cost of a permit in a couple hours. Some factors that can affect cost: • Distance from the contractor: Travel time and mileage costs money. The farther you are from the contractor the higher the cost. • Type of transfer switch: Transfer switches come in a variety of makes, models and sizes. They can be surface mounted, flush mounted, or designed for outdoor use. • Type of installation: Surface mounted switches take less time to install than flush mounted switches, resulting in a lower cost of installation. • Distance from the main panel: Most manual transfer switches are designed to be installed within a couple of feet of the main panel. Additional materials and labor would be necessary to install the switch away from the main panel ...
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