How Obeah love spells works?


The exact form of Obeah love spells still remains a mystery to those not initiated, but some rules are well known to all and they are no different from all other African traditions of magic. Obeah love spells cannot harm anyone, cause negative side effects in the long term and trick the subject of the spell. The one wanting spell to be cast is responsible for the effects, as the priest is only a medium to the spiritual forces of the world and is not personally involved in any way (The same rule apply of course to curses and any other negative spells). Still, just like in case of other magic systems involving the spiritual world, Obeah love spells can sometimes work not as we expected, so we must be very careful what we are wishing for. The effects will be beneficial, but unless we make our wishes clear, we may still be a bit disappointed. An example for such surprise is a woman who wished for a truly loving companion. In a week after the spell was cast, she found a dog… A good thing,