How often do the dealers shuffle the cards (when playing blackjack) at atlantic city casinos?

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1 Answer

The shoe will be shuffled when a brightly colored card called a "cut card" is dealt from the shoe, prior to dealing the shoe, the dealer will insert the card at a location somwhere near the back, but not completely leaving a number of decks "cut off" or cut form play. It varries by casino policy as to how near the end of the shoe the card is inserted, some dealers insert the card by a visual guestimation of a certain number of decks set forth by casino managment, or there may be a slot in the shoe that they use to guid the cut card into the shoe prior to dealing it. Either way, the number of decks "cuff off" will vary from 1 to as many as 3 decks. Most commonly, they cut off 2 decks, but some casinos,a nd some dealers cut off far less, I have seen ~40 cards cut off in an 8 deck game before, rare, but it did happen one time when i was playing. The shuffle point is a very important fatcor in determining weather or not a game is worth exploiting by counting cards. The shuffle point ... more
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