How often should I inject Winstrol?

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1 Answer

Winstrol is injected daily at dose of 25 to 50 mg. Optimal doses are seen when using 50 mg. What is the dosage for Winstrol for women? How much Winstrol for girls? Women usually use around 5 to 10 mg of Winstrol dosage daily in order to avoid androgenic side effects which are actually quite rare. What do I eat when taking Winstrol? What to eat when taking Winstrol? How to eat when taking Winstrol? When using Winstrol, you may maximize your benefits by eating lots of protein and minimizing water intake. You should also distribute several small feedings throughout the day. How to tell when Winstrol is having harmful effects? Winstrol can cause significant elevation of blood pressure, increase in cholesterol levels and liver damage. In order to determine if it is having these effects without waiting for other signs and symptoms to become overt, you should have regular check-ups that include blood pressure monitoring, lipid profile monitoring and determination of liver enzyme levels. How ... more
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