How often should I remove my pessary and clean it?

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1 Answer

The frequency of pessary care often varies depending on the individual and also the different types of pessaries now available on the market. It will also depend on how far the prolapsed organ has slipped as well as the condition of the mucous tissue lining the vagina (thickness, estrogen intake, irritation). The physician or health professional recommending the pessary will discuss the frequency of pessary care with you: it may vary from every few days to an interval of several weeks. In addition, an estrogen cream (Premarin, Neo-Estrone) or another form of local hormonal replacement (Vagifem, Estring), a lubricating gel (K-Y, Replens, Astroglide), a bacteriostatic ointment (Tri-Mosan or an antibiotic cream (Nidagel, Dalacin) may be prescribed for use with your pessary. A follow-up after your initial visit will allow your doctor to check whether the frequency of pessary care agreed on suits you.
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