How often should i wash my hair when transitioning from relaxer to natural?

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1 Answer

Its actually great to wash your hair every 3 to 5 days... moisture is your friend. It is what you do with your hair after you wash it that makes the difference. If you manipulate it a lot or you use heat, this is where the damage comes from. If you were to wash your hair every few days, condition it really well, moisturize it and seal in the moisture with a nice natural oil such as shea butter or jojoba oil, then let it air dry, your hair would be super healthy. Unfortunately the air dry part isn't really a realistic plan for most of us. But what if you were to wash it and do everything then pull it back into a bun? Then you could look good and still achieve healthy hair. You could also do the same wash regimin described and then put it in another protective style such as twists or braids. This also applies for a dry flaky scalp. If you find take great care of your scalp, brush it and massage it often, and keep it very clean and well moisturized and oiled, the flakes should heal. ... more
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