How secure is Optimum WiFi?

optimum Secure wifi

Optimum WiFi has taken several important steps to protect your data transmissions when you are connected to OptimumWiFi. . Whenever you login we help protect your privacy and the safety of your Optimum ID and password by providing 128-bit encryption. This is the same standard used by thousands of online banking and financial services sites around the world to protect your critical transactions. This is true for other Optimum services such as your e-mail, and the Optimum Store. Each and every time you login, we are looking out for you. However, for the most secure online experience possible, be safe and smart. Sensible security practices should be observed when you connect your system to any kind of network, wired or wireless. Using a firewall, an anti-virus program, and/or turning off file sharing, when using your computer or handheld on a network, at home, or on the road can help keep you safe. Keep your Anti-Virus programs up to date, and perform regular system scans to detect any pr