How should honey be stored?

honey stored

Honey should be stored in glass, stainless steel or food grade plastic containers. It has been shown that honey will absorb particles from copper, tin, iron, aluminum, galvanized metal and some plastics. If the honey is to be used in a normal amount of time, room temperature is okay. If it is to be kept for some time, a dark place like a cupboard is good as honey deteriorates when exposed to light for extended periods. For customers that buy large amounts and want to store some of it for an extended period but want it to remain as good as possible, we suggest putting it in the freezer. If kept in the freezer, it will not granulate or deteriorate. The optimum temperature for granulation is 57ºF. As temperatures increase or decrease from this point, the tendency lessens. Honey will not granulate either at or below 30ºF or at or above 95ºF. However, honey stored for long periods at 95ºF or above will deteriorate.