How Smart Are Pit Bull Terrier Dogs?

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1 Answer

People say a lot of things about Pit Bulls, but you never hear them talk much about the intelligence of this particular breed. Fact is you'll never hear anything about the intelligence of this animal, unless you are in the company of Pit bull owners. Anyone who has owned one of these fascinating dogs will tell you straight up that the Pit bull is a very smart dog indeed. Pit Bulls are fairly quick to learn, but they also have a certain stubborn streak which is a direct result of their intelligence. These dogs have a definite will of their own, and they like to get their way, but then again most humans do as well! This stubborn behavior which shows from time to time tends to make the Pit Bull breed slightly harder to train than other breeds. Some people mistake the dog's independent will as the dog not being trainable, but nothing could be further from the truth! These highly intelligent dogs can be trained. The problems in training arise from owners who have no knowledge about the ... more
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