How soon can I fly on an airplane after hip or knee replacement surgery?

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1 Answer

As soon as you are comfortable with sitting down, you can fly. Usually, 3-4 weeks is the minimum realistic time. During flying or driving long trips, exercise your calf muscles and ankles frequently. Also, get out of the car, or walk the aisle of the airplane to avoid the possibility of blood clots. Take the blood-thinners that are prescribed after surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots. Back to the top Do I need an ID card to carry to get past airport security with an artificial hip or knee? Yes, we have these cards for you to carry. With heightened security measures however, be prepared to have the security personnel at airports screen you more thoroughly. In some cases, patients have been asked to show security personnel their surgical scar. Usually, the ID card will suffice though. Back to the top Can I place full weight on the operated leg after surgery? Knee: Knee replacement patients can place full weight right after surgery, without restrictions. They will likely need a ... more
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