How Stallone High Protein Pudding can taste so good when it has only 20 g of protein and almost no sugar and fat?

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2 Answers

Stallone High Protein Pudding uses premium ingredients derived from the highest quality sources and does not contain additives and low grade proteins. Moreover, Stallone High Protein Pudding doesn’t contain unhealthy trans-fats, or hydrogenated oils, and is free from upsetting sugar alcohols and fat producing fructose syrup. The real secret lies in the technology that is used to produce the pudding as well as the custom flavors used to enhance our pudding. What’s left is a clean and healthy snack alternative that is convenient AND good for you – with a superior taste and quality. more
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World's most awesome protein pudding, when I have time to mix it, is nonfat plain yogurt and cottage cheese mixed with Splenda and unsweetened cocoa powder in the blender. Damn that's tasty)) But in my car under the driver's seat there's usually a pack of Stallone protein pudding, a couple of shakes and a box of bars, for when I don't have access to the fridge and the blender. That's what this product is really good for. It's a great bedtime snack, as it satisfies any sweet tooth, and is not detrimental to carb-cutting diets. The taste is phenomenal! And now I know why)))

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