How stressful is renovating a house?

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Alexia Hunt

What is the biggest mistake people make when renovating houses?


I understand you perfectly, so I saved up money for a very long time in order to afford, first of all, the interior design that I dreamed about, and finally, finally, not to do repairs on my own. I contacted a design company whose services you can see here. I like their design projects, and the 3D visualization service turned out to be a very convenient way to immediately evaluate the pre-result.


If I had the opportunity to delegate everything that is connected with the repair of the house, I would gladly do it. I can’t stand renovations.

Oliver Harvey

How stressful is renovating? Well, it’s very stressful, especially if you do it by yourself. That’s why I consider it’s better to hire experienced specialists and enjoy the result. It will definitely save time and money. The renovation of my house has been lasting for 2 years already but I hope this summer I will move there.